I set Mooks up in 2008, after leaving full time employment
to go freelance. A leap of faith but the best move ever!

I'd spent many years working for a well known catalogue
company and wanted to fly the nest and experience new
design challenges and business cultures. Mooks gave me
the freedom to work as a freelancer, whilst building up my
own company and reputation.

I have worked within the industry —as a designer and art
director— for almost 20 years now and have had the privilege
to work with some great brands; Tesco, B&Q, John Lewis
and British Airways to name a few.

I've worked on pattern placement, packaging design, illustration
and a whole raft of other lovely jobs over the years.

My specialities include: logo and brand development, web
development, photographic art direction, graphic design and
project management.

I'm based in Northamptonshire but in this digital age can — and often do! — easily work with clients from much further afield. I love creating brand design for small creative businesses and relish a new project big or small.
Get in touch if you need a creative head; I'd really love to hear from you.