These days if you own a business —large or small— your customer will expect you to have some sort of presence on the world wide web. Some people do this by creating an online blog or build their own site using a kit, whilst others employ the services of an agency. If you've chosen to go down this route, this is where I can help!

I don't use fancy techniques (like Flash) that can bump up the cost of web design and also negatively affect your search engine web-rating. What I do is create clean, simple and stylish websites that are easy to navigate and look fabulous. They also have inbuilt SEO which makes them easy to find.

Mooks Design also specialises in affordable logo design for small businesses — and affordable web-site design for small businesses. We can create a new brand for a start-up business or re-design your existing brand.

Get in touch if you have a project in mind!